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Need some advice, if anyone else has dealt with this issue before.

We brought home our rescue dog, Sirius, back in June. Right off the bat, he was very good about not having any accidents in the house. But, he would get very excited when he would hear my wife or myself pull in the driveway and would meet us by the backdoor. We quickly found out that we had to take him outside immediately or he would end up peeing if we started to greet him with pets or anything.

My wife's brother lives with us, and he parks in our back driveway, so Sirius would never hear him come home. He would be laying on the couch when he would walk in the door. Even if he called for Sirius to come outside, he would just lay on the couch and if her brother approached him, he would put his head down and start to pee on the couch.

Now, it's been 6 months, and he still does that. Even if I'm on the couch with Sirius, sometimes he will still pee when her brother gets home and just comes over to pet him. The weird thing is, Sirius gets excited when he comes home and his tail wags, but he puts his head down. He still won't run to the door and greet her brother like he does for us.

Any advice on how to get him to stop peeing when her brother comes home and approaches him? Sometimes he gets home before both of us, so we can't stop him from peeing.

And now for the past two days, Sirius is peeing on the couch when her brother walks down the stairs to leave for work (both my wife and I were at work). Her brother came down the stairs and walked right outside. Didn’t approach the dog or even look at him.

Any ideas on how to get him over being scared of him?

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