Advice and tips for my first time housebreaking a puppy?

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Sorry if this is a dumb or already addressed question – I’m new here! But I’d just really love for someone to let me know if my housebreaking plan needs any work. I’m taking home my puppy on Saturday. This will be the first puppy that’s really mine that I will be responsible for training and I want to be sure I get things right, so I was hoping somebody with experience could review my housebreaking plan and give me some tips as to how to make the process as fast an easy as possible.

I’ve been doing some research online and my plan is to: • take him out about once an hour, so he doesn’t get a full bladder and need to make an accident (luckily I have a very light schedule for the next month so this is doable for me) • keep him outside until he goes to the bathroom • reward him with praise and treats immediately when he goes to the bathroom outside • keep an eye on him while inside so I can catch him in the act if he starts to go inside and take him out (I’ve built a little fenced space for him around his crate) • take him out after eating, playing, or sleeping • clean up thoroughly after any accidents and remove all odor so he doesn’t think it’s alright to go there again

I also want to be able to train him to ring a bell when he needs to go outside. I’m guessing I should wait to do that until he gets a better hang on housebreaking in general. Is that correct or should I be doing both at the same time?

And finally there is no newspaper in his enclosure right now, since I know that he and his littermates have been brought up with a newspaper lined play area that they piddle on, and I’ve got this idea about him seeing the newspaper and assuming it’s ok to use it as his bathroom. Is this a mistake? Am I just going to make life harder for myself?

Thanks to anyone who can offer any tips as to things I may have missed or that are unnecessary, or that can answer my question. I’m really excited to bring home my new friend and I want this to be as easy for the both of us as it can be.

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