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Just last Thursday I took in a puppy from a coworker who was asking people if they wanted him for free. He told me that it was a 10-week old shih tzu who was well-trained, had all of his shots, was quiet and well-behaved, and house-trained. Just today, after finally getting the pup's medical records, my parents and I found out that the puppy is actually a 5-month old mixed breed. He has had all of his shots and is a very healthy pup. Unfortunately, he's had accidents every night since we took him in, pooping in his crate despite letting him out every 1-2 hours throughout the day with only a cup and a half of food. He also has a tendency to nip at us, hands or face if we get too close, whether we're playing or not.

Aside from that he's a very good dog. He goes to the front door when he needs to go out; he barks very rarely; he knows how to sit; I'm in the process of teaching him how to stay. The only other real issue is that we already have another dog – a 15-year old yorkie-poo. She doesn't take kindly to other dogs, and snaps and snarls at the puppy almost every time he gets close to her. I understand that that's our fault for not socializing her when she was a puppy, and I'm going to take steps to avoid the same issue with the male puppy by going for walks despite the cold weather (and hopefully getting out to the local dog park every now and then).

Can any of you give me any advice on this situation? As in, steps to take to avoid more accidents in his crate; how to get him to stop nipping at us; and most importantly, any advice on how to handle the relationship between him and our other dog? I already ordered a playpen for him and it should be arriving within the next couple of days, so I'm hoping that will help mitigate the issue for a time, but I realize it isn't a permanent solution. Is there anything we can do, aside from physically intervening when the older dog gets too physical or the puppy oversteps his boundaries, to help our older dog be more comfortable around the puppy? We've tried coaxing the pup away at times with toys and treats, but he gets too excited to listen, which leads to the older dog snapping at him. My biggest fear is that they end up hurting each other while we're all out at work, as there are a few hours of each workday where no one will be home.

Any advice you guys can give would be massively appreciated, although I should mention that returning him nor giving him to the Humane Society are options. I love him too much already and am determined to make this work.

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