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Hey everyone! I just got a puppy, I have been wanting one for years and my fiancé and I were able to get one a week ago. But since then I have been under a massive amount of stress. I haven’t been sleeping. I haven’t been eating very much/very well. I have a loss of appetite. She bites a lot no matter how much we try to correct her. She has had a lot of accidents lately. Recently on our bed (we have her sleep with us, we just got a crate the other day) and we didn’t know until hour later so we washed our comforter and there’s still poop on it.

I just feel so overwhelmed and disconnected from her. I feel like I miss my life before we got her just because of how drastically it has all changed. I have lost 8 lbs since we got her because of how little I am eating. Is this normal? Have other people experienced this? I just want her to not have accidents and to not bite me so much. I have friends that I spend a lot of time with that have dogs who are just so great and all I want is for her to be like that.

Help me please. She is so so sweet and the cutest thing ever. She is so cuddly when she’s tired. I’m just feeling really depressed and alone and need to know if this can happen to some people

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