Adult Dog is Aggressive toward New Puppy when the Puppy is in her Cage.

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We just got a new puppy and our adult dog is doing pretty well with her when she is outside of her crate. But, as soon as it’s time to go to bed, our adult dog barks and growls at the puppy through the cage. This happens even when the puppy is perfectly content in her cage. If she whines, he approaches the cage and growls/barks, if she shifts positions in the middle of the night, he gets up and growls/barks at her. Every time she is in there – even if she is happy – he gets very aggressive. It is puzzling because they have been getting along pretty well otherwise. We don’t want our puppy to develop a negative association with her crate. Looking for tips/advice on how to correct our adult dog’s crate-aggressive behavior.

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