Adorable Dog Videos& Photos Are Taking Over Twitter To Celebrate National Puppy Day

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These Tweets About National Puppy Day 2019 Include The Cutest Photos& Videos Ever

By Mehak Anwar

2 days ago

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably was pointed out that the word round has been dominated by not-so-great storeys these past couple of years. Natural tragedies and disastrous weather events seem to be increasing worldwide, global politics are becoming more volatile, and it feels like good bulletin is just hard to come by. If need a end from all that to enjoy some pure, healthful, and uplifting material, these tweets about National Puppy Day 2019 should do the trick. Really , nothing moves negativity melt away like some tiny, blurry, cute mortals.

National Puppy Day takes place on March 23, and was founded by Colleen Paige in 2006 to “celebrate the sorcery and unconditional adore that puppies bring to our lives, ” according to the official National Puppy Day website. The website notes 50 ways to celebratethe anointed holiday, including hosting a community occasion to raise money for a neighbourhood shelter, revamping your pup’s toy bin with brand-new, clean toys and going rid of old bacteria-infested ones, and microchipping your pup to ensure a safe return if she or he ever gets lost. If you’re anywhere around Washington D.C ., you can also hit up Midlands Beer Garden to celebrate with “Pup-Tenders” who will fetch beer from the bar and bringing it instantly to you, because there’s nothing dogs do.

But the main goal of National Puppy Day is to spread awareness of why people is expected to adopt and not shop for puppies. The National Puppy Day website broken off the reality of puppy mills and promotespeople to adopt a puppy at a neighbourhood shelter instead of heading to a breeder.

So without further ado, let’s start celebrating this important holiday with some cute tweets containing some of the cutest dog photos and videos around.

Reese Witherspoon get in on the puppy activity, sharing this adorable video of a boy feeling true-life “puppy love.”

Dr. Oz indicated off all the skills his bird-dog has learned since he was a pup.

Gotta a charity a puppy , no matter what the sizing, right?

Karlie Kloss announces her hound “bae, ” and honestly I couldn’t are addressed to that more.

Two hours the pups for two times the cuteness.

Pups on ice!

It’s no secret that Twitter can be a tough place sometimes, but at least it delivers routinely good puppy content. For pattern, Twitter fell in love with a golden retriever and his hear see houndafter a segment about the two puppies aired on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. In response to the story, beings tweeted about being endeavoured to rends and someone even suggested the two puppies run for president in 2020( they’d have my referendum , no questions asked ).


Earlier this year, people also took to Twitter to post tweets of their puppies constituting in photos that look like they could be album treats called things like “Chasin’ Tail” and “My Backyard.” Last December Twitter customers came together to show some love to Sniffles, a promote bird-dog without a nose. And don’t forget about @ WeRateDogs, the Twitter account dedicated to posting pictures of doggosand rating them more than 10/10, because all bird-dogs are better than perfect. With almost 8 million partisans, @WeRateDogs shows that maybe pups are the one things we can all agree on.

So if you’ve got a pup, exit indicate her or him some desire on this celebratory vacation. If you don’t, feel free to move through the National Puppy Day hashtag on Twitter until you eventually decide to go out and chose one.

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