Adopted a dog from an undisciplined home, having mixed results

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On Saturday I picked up Sophie, a 7 year old pit mix. Her previous human had allowed her to keep up some really bad habits – letting her on the couch and sleeping in bed, eating human food from the table, barking whenever she hears another dog, and not letting anyone clean her ears or paws.

I am a very patient human and I know it’s way too see to make judgments, and that I need to give it time for Sophie to unlearn these habits.

I’m wondering if it would be faster to they to tackle one issue at a time, or if I should establish all the new rules and stick to them all at once?

For example, she isn’t responsive to regular dog treats, but will respond to Kraft cheese as a distraction while I wrangle her to get her ear medication in.

Should I accept this now and eventually move her on to healthier dog treats, or should I cut the cheese out right away?

Do I let her on the couch while we try to establish a bond, and work on changing that rule later, or will that set poor expectations and make it harder to get her off the couch later on? (I actually don’t mind her on the couch when it’s just us, but I want her to get down when I have company over and not be fighting for space like she is now.)

Appreciate any tips you all might have!

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