Adopted 1 year old puppy wakes us up to be let out at night but then doesn’t settle down

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He sleeps in the bed with us. Some nights he sleeps through the night but other nights he needs to go potty. I get up, let him out, he does his thing, and then I head back up to bed. The problem is that when I go back to bed, he has a really hard time settling back in and will lick and paw and pant. Not ideal conditions for sleeping. For instance, tonight I’ve been up for over an hour trying to get him to settle in and go back to sleep. I’m exhausted. The only thing that usually works is me sleeping on one side of the couch and him on the other.

He is getting a doggy door soon which will hopefully help with him waking us up to go potty but there’s still the issue of him coming back to bed.

Any advice would be super helpful. We’re considering putting his bed in our room so he can lay on that when he comes back in. We are not fond of crate training because of his past. When we close the door on him, he cries and scratches at it.

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