Adolescence: Part 2

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I'm back with part 2! Everytime I think adolescence can't get much worse, it does lol. Individual time with our trainer can't come soon enough.

The latest developments:

-Running full speed and jumping on the couch without permission. Over the past couple of months I have been trying to teach her it's okay to come on the couch when we invite her up, but now she has just decided to get up when she damn well pleases and then she tries to roughhouse with us if we are also sitting there, too. Or she bites the pillows, blankets and couch cover. She put a hole in my couch cover two nights ago, and now she's on a temporary ban from the couch. How do I reteach her proper couch etiquette?

-This week, she has also decided to start trying to rip our clothes when she jumps on us (just when I thought I had successfully trained not jumping on us or people, of course lol). She hasnt gone for our clothes though since she had baby teeth/ teething, so I've been super discouraged by this.

The thing is… She knows it's wrong because as soon as she hears the ripppppp and we yell, "NOOOO. NOT OKAY." She immediately stops. I usually try to seperate myself from her or get her to go in her pen for a few minutes of "calm down" time for both of us. I'm glad she remembers it's bad to do, but I wish she could remember before ripping our clothes or scratching the hell out of us with her claws/teeth 🙃 I guess I'd gotten too comfortable not changing into something old before going to her when I walk in the door. I miss the angel dog we had for one month between finishing up teething and beginning adolescence 😭😂 lol.

I also hate yelling at her when she does this- it's one of the few times, I always seem to fail in my effort to not yell at her.

-Here's another fun one, if she catches my husband and I hugging or kissing, she jumps and nips at both of us until we stop and separate!! Where is this coming from? She doesn't growl or get "aggressive", but she acts like a total brat about this. I'm not sure why this would bother her so much because we have done that in front of her since we brought her home?? And she is close with both of us, so I don't think this would be protective behavior? This is also a question I have for our trainer, but I thought I'd see if anyone on here had gone through something similar.

-On the more positive side of things, we have at least made small, positive progress in leash training and recall. She came when called successfully in our backyard …of course, she knew I had a treat, but I'll take a small win where I can!

Also: if anyone has some indoor enrichment ideas, I'm always looking for new things to try to challenge this smart girl and get us through winter. We play outdoors as much as we can, but we're need a little extra mental stimulation to get us through winter and adolescence. I think she's getting tired of my usual rotation of things.

Thanks for reading this far! Ranting on Reddit has been more cathartic for me that anything else. In the meantime, I'll be drinking and hiding in a closet from my dog if anyone needs me.

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