Acute allergies, cold or URI?

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Hello everyone. This is my first time posting and I am a first-time dog owner. 2 months ago my fiance and I adopted an adorable, healthy Italian Greyhound at 8 weeks. He is now 4 months old and he is in relatively good health (aside from missing a testicle [only 1 descended]).

Last Wednesday (9/12), we woke up and he had a swollen nose, not really the snout, just the nose itself. We took him to the vet immediately that day, but by the time we'd gotten him there most of the swelling was gone (luckily we had pics). She checked his temperature (no fever), looked up his nose (nothing was lodged that she could see), felt around the area (he didn't show any signs of being in pain), and checked his lungs & heartbeat (all normal). She gave him a corticosteroid shot anyway and told us we could give him 11 mg of Benadryl every 12-24 hours as needed.

It is now almost a week later and the swelling has been completely gone for several days, but he has continued to sneeze, sniffle/runny nose and show a little bit of gunk in the corners of his eyes a few times a day. The runny nose is only clear, not green or yellow. The watery eyes is mostly clear or whitish. His energy levels are normal, he'll play and run around like a fiend when he's not asleep. He typically drinks a lot of water and eats normally but he's been picky with the hard kibble since yesterday. (9/17). This morning he didn’t want his hard food at all and we gave him some peanut butter which he ate just fine, then 2 hours later he threw it up.

I called our vet and she saw him this afternoon. They checked all of his vitals and everything was fine but she said he had some throat irritation. She prescribed doxycycline for the next 10 days and they gave him some wet food, which he happily scarfed down. We’re keeping an eye on him now to make sure he keeps the food down completely.

Does any of this sound familiar? We’re having a hard time determining what’s related and what isn’t. Is the nose swelling related to the congestion? Is the vomiting related to any of it?

Puppy life is stressful and I’m likely neurotic, but you all have much more insight and experience than I do so any help is appreciated!

TLDR; 4 month old pup had a swollen nose a week ago. The vet checked all vitals and he was fine but gave him a corticosteroid shot. He’s been fine for the last week aside from nasal congestion and sneezing but then as of yesterday he’s been less interested in food and didn’t want any this morning. We gave him some peanut butter, which he happily ate, and then he threw it up 2 hours later. Back to the vet we went where she gave him an antibiotic and some wet food (which he was thrilled about). Thoughts on all these weird symptoms?

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