Vacated Dog Learns To Move A Plane, Is World’s Cutest Co-Pilot

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When savers converged Shadow, the abandoned pup was just 22 hours away from being put down.

And now, he’s moving an airplane. For real .

Shadow is a finalist on “Dogs Might Fly, ” a U.K. reality show that rescues move dogs and schools them new maneuvers, with the goal of eventually learning one to successfully pilot a plane.

( Dogs have demonstrated that they they can drive autoes, so why not ?)

The show looked for puppies “willing to go the extra mile, to problem-solve and to explore how to work something out for themselves. That’s the various kinds of hound you want operating an aircraft, ” trainer Victoria Stilwell told The Guardian.

Shadow and two other puppies made it to the show’s final stage, airing April 3, in which they’ll be tested on how successfully they learned to move — or at least follow the prompts to times so through a organisation of treat-based requires. Watch Shadow work in the preview clip above.

Human aviators have always taken daring activity to help their canines passengers when they can, but this takes things to a whole new altitude. With thousands of stray bird-dogs in need of dwellings, we are looking forward Shadow’s flight will inspire travelers to borrow furry “co-pilots” of their own. Clearly, there are a lot of shelter pups with limitless capability.

Happy pass!

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