A terrible loss, one that has reminded me not to judge

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I just wanted to share a gentle reminder of a thing that has broken my heart, and has humbled me. Sorry to be vague on details; I don’t want anymore grief for my friend’s family. My loving, responsible, and utterly together friend, my friend who poured heart and soul into a beautiful dog who touched so many of our lives, has lost her dog. In an utterly tragic and awful turn of events, he snuck into her car before she went to work and she didn’t realise he was in there. He wanted so much to go with her! She came out of a busy work day and found that her sweet and loving dog had passed away from the heat. This person who was always so particular about making sure he was safe, who went to great lengths to ensure his comfort and healthiness. Just a few hours, and he was gone too young, less than a year old. Their family is utterly devastated. She’s hurting so much from this thing she blames herself for, this awful thing it’s so easy to judge because we only think it’s the horrible owners. Today this happened to a wonderful person and amazing pup and loving family.

Hug your precious ones tonight. I’ll be hugging mine, and will be grieving for such an awful and tragic thing. Love to all.

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