A puppy and an old cat

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Hey all!

My puppy is 10 months and my cat is 10 years old. It’s been nothing but a challenge with these two. We kept them relatively separate until our pup was about 3 months ago because otherwise our puppy was too excited.

We finally let them meet and the cat chased the puppy all over the room. It was obvious the cat wasn’t a big fan of the puppy in his space.

Over these 3 months I’ve been trying to show our cat that the puppy can be calm and poses no threat. Well, last night we were watching TV with the pup and our cat saunters up the stairs and to the couch. He fully knew the pup was with us! I almost cried. He’d never willingly done that or anything like that before.

Our pup laid there and didn’t chase, or make any sudden movements (sudden movements often scares the cat off). I’m just so proud of how much my puppy has learned to handle the cat. I hope this continues and they can be friends eventually!

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