A Man Was Ambling Near A Ditch When He Spotted An Old Aquarium — With 2 Puppies Inside

Matt Williamson was walking along a highway and looking for his lost bird-dog when he stumble upon something rightfully heartbreaking. He recognise something in a furrow that looked like an old aquarium that somebody deserted on the side of the road. At first, he didn’t reckon often of it. Then, as he sauntered closer, he observed something strange.

The vacated aquarium had something inside and the lid was sealed closed with concrete.

To Williamson’s horror, he detected there used to be two puppies caught inside.

Whoever sealed the puppies into this glass tomb didn’t want them to survive.

Once local sheriff’s agents arrived, they removed the aquarium eyelid and freed the two pups. The siblings were taken to the nearby Mississippi Animal Rescue League. Both puppies were relatively shaken up, but will hopefully swiftly recover from their terrifying ordeal.

Unfortunately, Williamson was unable to situate his own puppy, but thankfully he stumbled across these two puppies during his search.

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