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Guys, I have a 9 mo not neutered male pure breed GP puppy. He used to be very well socialized until 8 mo when this social distancing happened. Nowadays he barely sees any people/ dogs around, even that we walk few times a day ( no dog parks). Let alone few dogs that he sees – he doesn’t get to sniff on or play with. Everybody keeps his distance – and thank you for that. But my dog went into kind of shock. As a result I quickly see changes in his behavior. Literally within days he developed kind of overexcitement/ aggression to dogs that he sees coming towards him on our walks ( and doesn’t get to socialize with) Today he really made my day by making a fight with our 11 yo Labrador who he lives with and who ( used to be ?) his Alfa dog. Any suggestion to correct this behavior?
The vet wouldn’t want his neutering till he is 1,5 yo. Ps . He is getting close now to 110 lb and “ you can’t imagine” how strong he becomes in seconds when in attack mode.

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