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My 1 year old puppy, she's a mix between a rotty, Doberman and mastiff Beautiful and the best pupper ever 90% of the time haha. Two things that concern me is her bone aggression. It started with her food, growing everytime my partner and I got near which was not ok. We worked on it, making her stand away from the bowl while we touch it and move it around so she knows it's ours and its stopped the food.aggression, but not her bones. I know it's like gold to her, and we've been doing the same getting her to leave it and then giving back to her but if someone else goes near it, she starts snarling and growling. And she's doing it to other dogs as Well She gets punished every single time she growls and snarls, gets out in her naughty corner away from everyone straight away. I've taught her bite inhibition and she hasn't bit.anyone and I don't think she will. But people her scared because she's such a big dog and just incase. I don't want her to be an aggressive dog and don't want people to see her that way coz she's woo bloody loving and happy and a sweet dog when there's no bones around. Any ideas how else to combat this? The other thing she's started with only recently is when we walk her at night and people come up to say hi to her she gets really growly and snarly at them. With females and males, seems like she's trying to protect us, because she only starts when they say something and during day time she wants all the attention from strangers. We can usually calm her and try to comfort her and tell her she's alright, but as soon as the stranger starts talking she's all growls again. Is she this way because of her breeds? I've had her since she was a baby and nothing scary had happened for her to behave this way. She's very protective of our house but all it takes at home is "pipe down muchacho, your alright" and she's sweet after that. Any similar situations? How did you guys deal?

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