A Lesson in Aggression | Dog Whisperer

Cesar takes a hostile German Sheppard named Troy to his long time colleague to determine his "degree of hostility".
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A Lesson in Aggression|Dog Whisperer

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46 thoughts on “A Lesson in Aggression | Dog Whisperer

  1. DonE21492

    I can’t get my dog to stay by my side when walking on a Leash or to come
    into the house he plants him self on the ground and will not move or budge
    for a long time. I’ve been told to give him a pat on the butt to make him
    come when he’s being so disobedient, but I don’t think that’s the way to
    go. I want him to come on command via words not spankings. he’s a 10 month
    old Maltese x mini schnauzer mix. We got him when he was 6 months old he
    had no previous owners and was just at the pet store. Please any advice
    would help I want to enjoy walks with my dog with out him barking at kids
    or other dogs passing by or trying to make me go in a direction I don’t
    want to go

  2. Jacob Stayci

    Thanks for the video dude. The best lessons that I have saw was at Brainy
    paws (i googled it) Without a doubt the most easy dog training tips that I
    have ever used.

  3. Nicolaj Nørlem

    I have 4 year old shiba uni which my girl has from a previous relationship.
    Been with him for about a year and in that year alot has changed. He is the
    kind of dog who never had any formal training and hadnt been socialized
    with other dogs. He didnt know how to walk properly or take any commands.
    F.ex he wont come when called unless he sees youre holding a treat. Cant
    walk without leash cus he will run on his own and wont come back when
    I started training him he moment my girl and him moved in with me and he
    has learned to walk properly and I can give him commands to stop or come to
    me – but only when Im walking him alone, if she’s with me he will be a pain
    to walk.
    But the one thing I simply cannot solve is his agression towards (some)
    dogs. Typically he will lie down the moment he sees another dog, even as
    early as 200m in front of him. And he wont budge an inch. When the dog is
    near him he will lunge at him barkking intensely and sometimes show teeth.
    Ive seen all episode of dog whisper and mulitiple other dog shows and use
    the techniques like being calm and assertive in bodylanguage, and nip him
    on the neck or leg and say “SSH!!” if he’s acting bad. But when he sees a
    dog he doesnt like nothing works. Sound become futile to him and the touch
    doesnt do anything. I have to physically handle him and put him on the
    ground. He has bitten a dog once who wasnt on a leash and I told the owners
    to collect him but they didnt. It wasnt a serious bite but now I know he is
    capable of it, if you were to let him go when a dog approches. Ive tried
    everything, but nothing works. He doesnt care about treats or commands when
    he sees another dog.
    Any advice?

    1. yomamma

      If you’re in LA, check out Brandon Fouche. He even has a 10 dollar seminar
      on his website with incredible amounts of wisdom for you to gain from it.
      Did a great job with my pit bull.

    2. Nicolaj Nørlem

      You wont believe it but I actually no longer have an issue with my Shiba
      Inu. Cant believe its 6 months since I wrote that comment on here. As
      always the problem is you as the owner. I realised I wasnt being thorough
      enough with him. You litterally have to be alfa pack leader ALL THE TIME.
      Not only when you are on a walk. And when he shows the slightest sign of
      agression you have to be on it within a split second and you have to this
      every time. You cant slack and only do it 70% of the time. What I do is the
      same techniques as Cesar showcases on his show, but I am more consistent
      and more intense than I was before when it wasnt working. Its not enough to
      just nip him on the leg or neck you have to use your bodylanguage to
      demonstrate to your dog that you mean business and that you wont tolerate
      his behavior. I made some changes to my behavior around him in the house as
      well. He is no longer allowed to beg when we eat, lay in bed or couch and
      if I tell him to go lay in his dog basket, I will follow through until he
      complies. Now I can simply point to the basket and he’ll go lay every time.
      When we walk and meet dogs he can walk past without turning “alfa”, back in
      the day his head who go up, ears forward, his core legs and everything
      would tighten and he wouldnt move his gaze for anything. Here you have to
      just be tough and dominate him untill he surrenders to you. If you wait
      untill the other dog is 2m apart its too late I learned. But yea he can
      even say hello to other dogs, they can sniff each other and what not. But
      he constantly looks at you to read your signs, so he isnt the natural calm
      dog around others, but its a huge step forward, never thought I’d get here.
      Once he has met a dog a couple of times they can play together no problem.
      It really all is about consistency and being pack leader in every aspect of
      every interaction you have with your dog.

  4. georgi kovachev

    my german shepherd look me in the eyes and he want only me not my mother
    not my father my granny no one only me, she like only me and when my mother
    want to talk to her or talk to me I think she is trying to defend me and
    she is starting to bark on my mother and when I’m alone she is good she is
    playing with me but is this aggression or just playing bark she is 3 months
    old from today please help me :)

    1. David Thomas

      German Shepherds become attached to one particular person in the family.It
      is normal,but he should eventually love everyone

    2. Marco “FruitnStarch” Stott

      be your dogs pack leader…dont let him bark at other…if you’re unsure
      then get help from a good dog trainer

    3. georgi kovachev

      now my dog don’t bark at anyone I think it was beacouse he was small now he
      is 6 months old and he is awesome dog 🙂

    1. Sarah Senier

      Yes that’s literally exactly what I was pointing out. Referencing the title
      and saying ‘Are you kidding me’.

  5. fernizzle

    the time when the dog released the toy. WOW. goosebumps everywhere! what a
    wonderful dog behaviorist!

  6. Deborah Hawthorne

    one of our puppies that we had was returned when he was 6 months old he is
    now 10 months old but for the last month he started being aggressive to his
    brother whom we kept. They have got into a really really bad to the point
    to where we had to just wait until they got tired so they would unlatch
    from each other. Powerpuff that was returned is named tank. The guy who
    took him at 10 weeks old did no training whatsoever. So when he came back
    to us he knew no boundaries but he got along with everyone here at the
    house… We have eight dogs in total FYI. He’s now housebroken and he knows
    how to sit so he is doing better. My concern is the aggression towards his
    brother Charlie. we must keep them separated at all times because it’s 75
    pounds each it’s not an easy feat to break them up. I’m scheduled to have a
    hysterectomy due to massive amounts of tumors by the end of this month or
    beginning of September so I will be completely useless and I’m afraid that
    something will happen and I will not be able to stop them or I tear my
    stitches and I start hemorrhaging. we have animal and dog trainers here but
    they don’t either handle aggressive dogs or they’re not effective. they are
    pitbulls in case you need to know the breed. separated they are wonderful
    absolutely wonderful but when you get them together it’s not even a toy or
    a bone or even food it’s just being in the same room with each other. how
    do I get help for this specific issue?

  7. Tim Schultz

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    1. naelGamer Youtuber

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      Аggrеssion Dоg Whisрееeеrеr

  8. Wesley Keeton

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    All we can say is that he really knows his stuff. In such a short time he
    has transformed our misbehaved dog into a well behaved one [Details Here
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    done a fantastic job. He is amazing!”*

  9. maria dinu

    Hey did you go to Daryl Arktrom’s website yet? I followed his advice and my
    dog is behaving magnificently! So much fun :)

  10. Kristina Sobolewski

    I have a situation with my dog. I recently got her from a previous owner.
    When I first got her she was very kind, but now she bites me every chance
    she gets she attempts to bite me, she constantly growls at me and we can’t
    seem to figure out what to do. She’s 2 years old, fixed, and she’s a
    cockapoo, she’s also all up to date on her shots. I’m taking her to a
    socialization class to see if that helps but I’m not sure what else to do.
    Any suggestions are great

    1. yomamma

      Biting the owner is never good.That behavior shows you the dog does not see
      you as the leader of the pack and since the dog was kind from the beginning
      but changed, it has determined your role in the pack fairly quickly.
      Probably best to search for your nearest aggressive dog behaviorist for
      some great tips/information since each dog has individual needs. You will
      waste money on a socialization class if the dog is fine with other dogs.
      The problem is the relationship with you and your dog. Best of luck.

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