A community like this would have been a godsend for me when I was in the thick of it with my puppy.

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I just wanted to thank you guys for being patient with, and accepting of people who have the puppy blues. I was beside myself for the longest fucking time because I didn't know how to help my girl. We adopted a lab mix from our local humane society in October of 2018. She was definitely our pride and joy right from the start.

At almost exactly a year old, she went from her happy go lucky, extremely awesome self, to starting to decline in potty training. She would hold it for up to an entire 24 hours for seemingly no reason. A trip to the vet confirmed no UTI or any other infection. We weren't really offered any advice, despite asking for it.

Next came issues with doors. She couldn't walk through them without anxiety issues. She would cry and whine and usually peed while we tried to coax her through doorways with treats. We called a behaviorist who told us the issue was anxiety, we used every anxiety treatment we could find to no avail.

Next was the leash. I was at my wits end. I went to an online community and confessed having some feelings of regret for ever getting her. I loved her, I've always loved her, I wouldn't have sunk thousands of dollars into her if I didn't. But I was told I was a horrible dog owner for not absolutely adoring every aspect of her. That she was probably "feeding off my obvious hatred of her". That I was a bad person. That I didn't deserve a puppy. That I wasn't a fit dog owner.

It really fucked me up.

I continued trying to remedy the situation, and after switching vets, it was determined that it was a neurological issue. It's being treated, and she's back to her old lovely self. But in those days, I was so frustrated with her lack of improvements despite my love for her. I was so annoyed with not getting answers from people I was paying hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to help. I was so frustrated with the whole thing. I could have really used a community to just say something like "Yeah. Dogs suck sometimes. Damn good thing they're cute." And laugh with me about the situation.

Thank you guys for being so awesome. You all rock.

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