9wo puppy biting harder instead of less when we tell her it hurts

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We picked up our English cocker spaniel puppy last Monday and she has been doing really great so far. She already sleeps through the night and let’s us know when she needs to go outside.

She is learning how to use her teeth, and we have been telling her “ouch” when she hurts us, keeping our hands in place and during the first few days she did great and stopped biting or just did it a little less hard. But since the day before yesterday, she has started to actually bite us a lot harder when we tell her she is hurting us (we praise her when she stops or bites less hard). It’s coming to a point that she is biting my face and feet extremely hard, so hard I can’t let her continue the biting and need to walk away from her to save my own feet and face from bleeding.

She has TONS of chewing toys and she loves them. It’s just that my hands hurt and have lots of bite marks and wounds from her sharp teeth. I know she is still young and learning but it’s frustrating. Am I using the right technique or is there something else I should do? Do we just keep this up and it will get better in time?

Some addition information that might help: We follow a puppy schedule for potty breaks, feeding times, play times and sleep/rest. We started that yesterday and she is a lot calmer since she is getting a bit more rest now. The schedule reduced play times to four times a day and it seems to be working as she is super relaxed now. In 3,5 weeks she will get her last vaccine and then we can take her outside for walks. The vet had explicitly told us not to take her outside to walk before she gets her last shot. We try to teach her what behavior we want to see and praise her when she poops and pees outside, etc.

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