9 week old puppy – tips for a stubborn little guy

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So we have ourselves a great little Bernese puppy, and we love him!

My wife and I need a little advice – the internet hasn't been entirely helpful.

I'm trying to physically and mentally engage my puppy, but he doesn't really seem into many things… aside from trying to chew my pants or furniture (teething of course!)

We have tried:

Walks – depends on his mood, but isn't very excited by them usually. Getting the ball/toy – just watches it land or roll past and maybe… sometimes… picks it up for a bit. Tug of war… just lays down when it is in his mouth and doesn't do much. Eventually degrades into trying to mouth my hand or foot lol. Obedience/trick training – works pretty good, but he loses interest (as puppies do!) After a few minutes. Hiding treats… never looks for them hahaha Rolling around and playing in general – just turns into mouthing. Playing outside – either turns into mouthing my shoe or eating leaves. Although he could stay outside all day I think haha. My only dilemma is that I can't honestly spend the entire time trying to stop him from eating leaves, and in general I don't worry about it, but I also don't want him eating so many that he makes himself ill, ya know?

NOTE: I know he is just a young good boy, so I'm not worried about anything, but I was hoping one of you might have a tip or trick that worked for you! As he grows, I'm sure he'll take to walks (gonna have to because we aren't gonna stop involving him with those lol).

I feel like he wants something but I can't quite figure out what sort of play he is looking for… or maybe his teeth are annoying him enough that he really just wants to keep on mouthing for the time being. We put chew toys in his mouth when he starts mouthing, and if it continues, we walk away until he settles a bit.

When it comes to spending time with him outside, he loves it, but usually just sits somewhere and chews a stick before running to a new spot and doing the same thing. It doesn't feel like I am giving him enough to be stimulated, and I worry about that!

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