9 week old puppy has stopped biting overnight!

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I wanted to share some positive news. I've had my boy for just over a week and I've not been able to pet him whilst he was awake since he'd go for my hands/feet/clothing/hair anytime I was within range. Last night he was so bad that i was almost in tears from the frustration. Usually I would walk away after a few bites but this time I decided to sit with him for about an hour and everytime he nipped I would move his head (gently), look him in the eyes and give a firm "no". He continued to nip until he fell asleep and I went to bed feeling pretty defeated and resigned to months more of biting.

This morning, after giving him food he sat by my feet and looked up at me until i pet him and just laid down really calmly and didn't bite my toes or fingers! I could see he was thinking about biting but instead decided to nudge my hand for more petting. For the first time I've been able to just sit with him and enjoy cuddles without being mauled. It seems like something clicked in his head overnight and I'm so happy! I dont know if he'll go back to square one when the evening zoomies hit but for now I'm happy to enjoy petting my own puppy for the first time!

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