9 week old, incredibly smart Shepherd Husky mix – maybe a housetraining question, maybe a behavior question.

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First, obligatory puppy tax: http://imgur.com/gallery/ynsfMOV

A week ago, we rescued a new puppy. We got him a toy to ease his separation anxiety after leaving his siblings. Enter my conundrum.

He's got this sloth toy he loves. Earlier tonight it looked like he was trying to hump his toy while he was wrestling with it. Well, apparently he's hump- peeing on it. I discovered this as I was playing with him with his sloth and he proceeded to hump-pee be on his sloth and inadvertently- my hand.

Then, I thought about how I couldn't tell if he was actually peeing in the yard earlier or just going through the motions so I would think he was.

We crate train, take him out regularly, and feed/water on a schedule to help with housetraining.

I've taken the sloth away and will be washing it with nature's miracle.

My questions are: is he too young to mark, is this even marking, and does this indicate a larger behavioral thing or just backsliding on the potty training progress we've made? Any ideas on how to curb this?

9wk Shepherd-husky mix. Halfway through first round of vaccinations. Houston, TX area. We feed Nulo if that's helpful info.

Edit: hump, not him

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