9 Week Old Corgi. Too much sleep?

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We brought home our 8 week old Corgi last Sunday. I took the week off work to get him adjusted and now am back at work. Our “typical” schedule is below. I’m just wondering if he’s getting too much sleep. He can be awake for about 30-45 minutes before he becomes extremely bitey. So far he’s been sleeping the whole time between the dog walker coming.

6:00 am – wake up, go outside

6:15 am – Feed 1/4 Breakfast through Training, Feed the rest in the crate

6:30 – Playtime

7:00- Outside, Go back in crate with Kong or nylabone while I get ready for work

7:30 – One more quick play session / outside

7:45 – Crate

11:00 – Dog Walker comes, outside / Playtime

11:30 – Back in Crate

2:30 – Dog Walker comes, outside / Playtime

6:00 – I come home, let puppy outside

6:15 Dinner time

6:30 Playtime

6:45 Outside

7:00 Crate

8:00 Outside, Try to have play nicely by himself in exercise pen

9:00 Bedtime

I feel bad putting him in the crate when I’m home after work but it really seems like he be awake 45 minutes to 1 hour max before he goes crazy. Biting and growling and sometimes jumping. We try redirecting to toys, yelping, ignoring and walking away but nothing seems to stop him. As a last resort I put him in his crate to chill out and he just falls asleep. He’s only really awake for about 5 hours of the day. Is this normal?

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