9 Week old Aussie puppy crate training. Need some advise.

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We have had our Aussie puppy for about over a week now. My main goal has been crate training him. I been feeding him, giving him treat and hiding treats etc in his crate. We have his crate in our bedroom connected with a playpen. In the afternoon he spends time in the playpen and once a while I catch him sleeping in his crate by himself. I got him to run into the crate on command and come out sit, then back into crate (but only for a treat and he whimpers a bit while doing it). I also got him to sit in the crate for max 5-10 min with door closed and me out of sight. But all these only works if I have treat in my hand. At first he was crying and whimpering in the crate, so we let him sleep in the playpen on first few days then move him into crate afterwards. Which worked a bit but it was not getting us anywhere because I would tire him out plenty and then he will turn into monster biting everything, chewing on the playpen bars, humping and nipping at us which I assume because he is tired. At this stage I would crate him but he would bark non stop, I tried waiting out his bark but I felt like I was giving him more anxiety because sometimes it would go on for 5-10min. Today I tried putting him into the crate and sitting next to him but gave him no attention. He whimpered and scratched at the bars but eventually got tired and went to sleep after 3-4min with only few barks here and there. I know it is a process, I just want to know if I am going in the right direction. Any suggestion would be great, I want to teach him to be comfortable in the crate without giving him a separation anxiety. Thank you.

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