9 month old dog bites hard during play and is too old to develop Aquired Bite Inhibition

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My dog, a 9 month boxer mix I adopted a few weeks ago, has been barking and biting me when he wants me to play with him, and will also bite me (hard) during play if there's not a toy around. His bites are just playing but they're still very painful, almost breaking skin.

I've tried yelling "ow!" when he bites but he doesn't really react to it and keeps chewing or biting. I looked online for help and found that bite inhibition can't be trained after a few months of age.

Anyone know what I do to stop me and my girlfriend from being bit? Toys help but we have been "trapped" by him before without access to toys to stop us getting bit. Leaving the room for 30 seconds also helps, but we still get bit. I think this is why he was left at the shelter.

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