9 month GSD woes

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Hi everyone, this is kind of a woe is me post, I’m sort of lost.

I’ve had my female GSD since 8 weeks. She is almost 9 months. I am by far the primary carer for her. I do literally everything, all her training, all the walks and feeding and taking to the park, baths, etc. I put in extensive research into training and interactive games and her enrichment, I literally do the best I can to make sure she’s having a good time wherever we are. My partner works longer than I do which is why I do almost everything, she is also “my” dog although we live together if that makes sense. This is the how it’s been since the day we got her. I researched for her and chose her, I was incredibly excited.

Now I’m feeling selfish and disposable because my puppy seems to hate me when my partner is around. Hate is a strong word, she strongly prefers my partner. During the daytime when I interact with her, she is almost indifferent towards me. She does nothing that I notice as “wow she enjoys being around me and loves me”. I know this sounds kind of whiny, but when you put in 100% of the work towards the pup and have been for 7 months, it’s pretty heartbreaking for it to seem this way. I have worked SO damn hard and for what? I feel awful saying that but it’s just how I feel.

When my partner is home, she plays with him and interacts with him in a way I never see from her. She’s MUCH more excited and friendly. Even when I get her out of the crate in the morning, there’s a few tail wags but that’s it. However when my partner does it, it’s explosive wags and excitement. It just makes me feel awful honestly that my pup acts like I’m dust in the wind. She never gets that excited with me, ever. She will choose him 100% of the time over me, without question.

I know she likely sees him as a novelty, and we’re also entering adolescence. But shouldn’t I see SOME form of affection or interest from her? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If anyone can offer some insight or advice that would be awesome. I hope this post isn’t too complain-y, I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced this before.

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