8-week old puppy’s furmom needs help!

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Hi guys! I just got my toy poodle puppy three days ago — he’s a joy to be around at the house! I’ve been on Youtube for the past weeks trying to get ready, but it seems like everything I learned flew past the window when he finally arrived! Would like to ask about some things, hope you guys could help me!

Our set up is: we have a playpen which I attached to the entrance of the crate, so we could go in and out of the crate and into the playpen. I’ve been trying to crate train him which I think is kinda working (???) because he goes there on his own sometimes. He also eats and drinks in his crate, and would sometimes drag his toys into the crate. I don’t close the crate gate though. Should I close it once he’s inside? He also takes his naps there sometimes but at night he prefers sleeping on the floor in his playpen. What am I doing wrong?

I understand that all puppies bite so I try not to be too harsh on him when he starts biting my arms and feet and clothes, but is there anyway to train him not to bite too hard? I love playtime with him but sometimes he gets too aggressive and snaps his teeth at me.

Potty training during the day — we’ve had a lot of accidents so far, only had success maybe 5 times. I don’t take him outside to potty, we use the bathroom and have potty pads in there. The problem is most of the time he just peeps and poops in his play pen. I think it’s also my fault because I can never tell if he has to go or not! So I don’t take him to the bathroom in time. What are the usual signs? I figured him sniffing the floor and going around in circles is a good sign.

Potty training during the night — since I don’t close his crate gate, he’s free to roam inside the playpen and that’s where he’s been sleeping. However, I usually set up an alarm to check up on him and he’s awake with pee and poop in one corner of the playpen. I’m kinda lost on this — should I make him sleep in his crate and close the gate so he’ll just cry out when he needs to go potty at night?

Can anybody share their sample schedule? We’ve been all over the place with the schedule for the past three days, mostly because he doesn’t go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (should I wake up in the morning when it’s time to get up?)

Would appreciate your help guys. It’s been challenging but I’m positive we can do this because he’s just a puppy who doesn’t know any better and with the right training, we’ll have a playful (but also well behaved) trained pup.

Thank you!

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