8-week old puppy. When to start enforcing naps?

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We picked up our Coton puppy on Friday. He's 8-weeks and 2 days old. He's really been fine over the weekend other than we didn't realize the breeder had pee-pad trained him and all he did was savage the nice sod box we'd made him. Honestly, grass everywhere. So pee-pads it is until he can go outside.

During the day, he does not want to sleep in his crate for naps. He screams and cries if he's even put in the pen for a few moments and I go to the bathroom. I'm cool with letting him cry until he falls asleep for a nap, but should we be starting that this young? On one hand I want him to learn that screaming won't get you anything and he needs to sleep, but on the other I feel like he's so tiny and he's only been here for 2 full days and he needs time.

Will I mess him up if we let him cry it out now, or should we give him a few days or week to settle in? He only slept for 30 minutes this morning outside his crate on the floor and we're trying to follow the 1-ish-hours up 2-hours down but he's really not having it.

Puppy tax (if I didn't mess it up): Bumper! https://imgur.com/a/qL76UeJ

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