8 Week Old Puppy Is Absolutely Hellish In Crate At Night

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My girlfriend and I brought an eight week old puppy home on Saturday of last week. We followed almost every instruction we read about crate training and house training the puppy at night. We introduced the puppy to the crate – she liked it and willingly took toys into the crate. Her first night she even found her own way into the crate and fell asleep.

We set an alarm schedule around her bladder so that we can wake her up to avoid the association of barking with taking her out of her crate. The only thing that we ever did was lay down next to her on the floor or put our hand against the cage when she cried and barked the first two nights, which calmed her down relatively quickly. Those were recommended techniques almost everywhere I've read on the internet. The only time we've taken her out of her crate due to barking was when it was close enough to her pee schedule that we knew that she had to eliminate. Tonight, we decided to try to stop laying next to her to wean her off of it.

Now, I am in hell. She has been getting progressively louder and crying for longer and longer every single night. It used to end in about five minutes. Tonight, her crying has gone from a soft whimper to like nonstop, extremely loud, barking and shouting. I took her out about an hour and twenty minutes ago and she both peed and pooped. Since then, its been just totally non-stop. She isn't harming herself or attacking the crate, she's just literally sitting there shouting non-stop.

I am totally at a loss. I am very concerned that this is too much and I need to take her out of the crate. But literally everything I've read says that this is an "extinction burst" and if I cave in she is going to be like this forever. Please help.

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