8 week old puppy came home yesterday. Holding his pee for 7+ hours at a time.

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Hi all,

Just brought home an 8 week old puppy and have been taking him outside to puppy pads on my balcony AND to a secluded grassy space. He 90% of the time refuses to pee or poop in these places. Today he went a full 8 hours holding his pee even through taking him to the balcony pads many times and to the grass 3 times. (yes he drank ample water all day).

I have only seen him successfully pee on the balcony twice (he has peed maybe 4 other times in tiny puddles on the carpet inside). He has only pooped twice and both were on the balcony pads.

I introduced him to the grass today 3 times, two of which were 20+ minutes of ample time, and all he did was play with leaves or come sit on my feet. He seems to come sit on my feet most of the time on the balcony, too. Maybe for warmth?

If he is cold, even on the grass, how am I supposed to potty train him? I can’t have him thinking that the indoor warm carpet is a free for all. It’s nowhere near freezing outside, but definitely cold for him, I think.

Thanks so much for ANY advice.

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