8 week old english cocker spaniel literally doesn’t stop crying at night

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So I am using the word literally as intended, last night he cried for over 6 hours (my best guess it as about 8hrs).

I've read and seen tutorials on seperation anxienty and how to deal with a puppy on his first night. So around 9pm we start to play with him, his atention span is really short so we can basically play 5 second games at tops, tug of war, using my hand for him to follow around, running and let him run after me. Around 10h30 he gets into his corner and lays down to sleep, we take this opportunity to go to bed ourselves. He wakes up around midnight (or at least thats when I noticed that he was crying since I am a heavy sleeper) I know I am not supposed to reward this behavior but he keeps crying and crying until 6h30 in the morning when I get up and go take a shower and get ready for the day, and he continues to cry. Only stopped around 20 minutes ago after I've spent some time with him and he went back to sleep.

So the biggest issue here is that I have neighbours, and I have no idea how well they can hear the puppy crying the whole night, but I am sure some of it can be heard. I don't want to be unfair to them since I rarely hear anything from them. I don't kno what do to I just need some support I guess or a time frame of how long he will be like this.

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