8 months refusing to sleep!

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My puppy (8 months old) is refusing to sleep. No matter what I do, he will not sleep. I even tried to give him 2 mg of melatonin. He got sleepy, ALMOST slept but kept his head up with his eyes half opened basically fighting his tiredness. He hasn't slept in over 20 hours (he cried all night last night). Being an australian shepherd, i thought maybe i'm not giving him enough exercice so today i did one 1 hour walk combined with fetching exercice in the morning and another one before his usual 5 pm meal and plenty of obedience training. I could tell he was tired after all i did, but he still REFUSES to sleep and its driving me crazy!!! Hes turning into a real asshole refusing to chew on his toys or bones, instead chewing on walls and door frames. Does anyone have the same problem? Anyone have any tips?

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