8 month puppy keeps attacking 11/12 year old senior dog, please help

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dogtraining/comments/jtb7th/8_month_puppy_keeps_attacking_1112_year_old/

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i'm gonna divide this in bullet points so it's a quick read (sorry for my english in advance, i'm exhausted and also it's not my first language):

* it's two females, both spayed. 8 month old one was spayed a couple days ago

* title might sound like it's a infant fighting an adult but dogs are pretty much the same size.

* senior dog has always been the shy, quiet type since we adopted her from the streets years ago, so when the puppy fights her she doesn't usually fight back. HOWEVER when the puppy was new at the house she'd growl and sometimes snap at her. she became a lot more withdrawn since she started going deaf and especially recently with the puppy's addition, so she doesn't obey my commands anymore (she used to sit for example.)

* like i said the senior dog doesn't fight back. puppy would go and jump at her out of nowhere. she tries to mount her, like she's hugging her from behind. i'd like to note that the puppy doesn't bite hard but she does bark and growl an awful lot.

* puppy doesn't give any agression signs, she straight up runs at the senior dogs and "attacks" her

* i've broken multiple fights by now and the puppy's never hurt me, bit me hard or anything. she used to bite my during play but she slowly grew out of that. i did observe that sometimes she bites the other dogs' ear but never hard enough to make an injury.

please i need help, i'm so stressed and hopeless i'm about to cry. all i want is for my dogs to get along and i just don't know how to. i especially don't know how to correct the puppy for this behaviour? i've read that you're supposed to avoid fights from happening but it's hard to do so when the puppy doesn't give any warnings whatsoever, she just randomly charges at the other dog and when i separate them i wait till she calms down and then goes and does the same exact thing. i don't know if this is her just being a puppy and will grow out of this or if this is just hopeless.

i'd like to note that the puppy had her first walk today (i was adviced to wait till she was spayed because there's lots of strays on my block.) she behaved surprisingly well but still the way she behaves with my other dog makes me worried about socializing her.

i tried to keep this concise so it wouldn't be too much to read so please feel free to ask me questions about this.

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