8 month old Golden Retriever pees in the same place on the floor every day.

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Our girl is mostly toilet trained. She barks when she need to go out and most of the time makes it in time to toilet in the garden. We still regularly take her out without her asking as well. For example, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We also still reward her and praise her when she goes.

My problem is, she has taken to peeing at least once every 24 hours in the same spot in the kitchen, behind the door. We have now cleaned that spot so much the tiles have stained and the paint is peeling off the skirting board. The kitchen is 'her room' (being puppy proofed) and it's where she goes at bed time and when we go to work. I don't think it's an issue of not being able to 'hold it in', as on the occasions she's slept in the carpeted bedroom/living room with me (when she was sick or when we stayed over in a different house) she had no accidents and didn't need to be taken out to the toilet during the night once. I know she is capable of holding her bladder during my work hours too as she goes through periods where she doesn't do it (maybe about a week) before going right back into the habit of peeing behind that damn door.

I've tried putting a puppy pad in the area bit she chews it up. I've considered finding something to block the area off with, but that's is hard considering it's behind a door. I'm cleaning the area with special pet stuff meant to neutralise he odour.

What do people think? What's happening here and what can I do about it?

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