8 month old chews on everything while I am gone

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Hi everyone! So I have an 8 month old husky/German shepherd mix named Huckleberry who is very sweet and loving. He has been a lot harder to train than all my previous dogs though, it just seems like nothing gets through to him. The biggest issue is he chews stuff up when I am gone for longer than an hour or so. Shoes, pillows, chair cushions, the front door, you name it he tears it to shreds.

At first I thought it was separation anxiety so I started leaving him alone with my brother's dog to see if some company helped. It did at first, but lately does not seem to be helping as much. I talked to my vet and she prescribed trazedone to calm him down about being alone. Again, seemed to help at first but lately seems less effective. I tried putting that sour stuff on furniture and shoes so they would taste bad and he would stop, but that did not even slow him down. I thought maybe he is bored and got him more toys, and even set some aside that he only gets while I am gone so he will be excited to see different toys. That did not work either. I tried to baby gate him into rooms with less stuff he can chew up, but he always manages to either knock the baby gate over, climb over it, and/or chew the walls of the room.

Lately I have been catching him try and chew stuff he is not supposed to when I am home, and I stop him. But this makes me think it is not an anxiety thing since I am home, it is more of him just being a bad boy.

I have to be able to leave him to go to work and stuff but I cannot in good conscience crate him for 6 to 8 hours a day. I do not have a fenced yard, plus it is entirely too hot for him, so I cannot leave him outside. I am at the point where I am ready to send him to a board and train camp so he can serious training or hire some kind of pet sitter he can spend the day with while I am at work. But I would really like to avoid either of those options if I could. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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