8 m/o pup overly excited jumping/lunging towards strangers – will she grow out of it?

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I have a 8 month old Goldendoodle (probably 90% Golden Retriever lol) who gets SUPER excited when meeting strangers. When we go on walks and we pass strangers (every. single. person), she is uncontrollable, tries to jump on them, lunge towards them, etc because she is just so excited to meet new people.

She is fine when they're at a distance but goes crazy when they're close – she's 55lbs and getting hard to pull down. I've started sitting down on a bench and having her sit/stay, treating when people pass and she doesn't react (we live in a quiet neighbourhood with little traffic so I don't know how effective this will be). I'm also meeting a friend who hasn't met her yet to hopefully do some exercises of only coming towards her/petting her when she's calm and sitting still. I do plan on enrolling her in a group obedience class soon but wanted to know if anyone has gone through this.

Can I hope that she'll grow out of it? She is such a friendly dog but I think scares people off – I've started avoiding people if I see they will cross our paths because I don't want her potentially jumping on someone who doesn't like dogs or something like that. We took puppy classes when she was younger and she regularly goes to dog parks to socialize with dogs and people.

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