7yo rescue randomly barking sometimes when petted?

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Hi everyone. My household recently adopted a dog named Cassie (7yo whippet X) and she’s been an absolute dream. She’s very affectionate, loves to be constantly petted, and will follow us around the house and lie on us. She was not the best on walks, but we got a good harness and did some basic training with her and she’s much better. She’s very calm, doesn’t like to play with toys much and likes to lie around a lot.

We’ve noticed that sometimes she just randomly barks while being petted and we can’t figure out why. She likes to be cuddled and curl up with people, and sometimes while that’s happening she’ll bark. She hasn’t barked at me, but has barked at two of my roommates a few times. It’s usually just one or two barks and then she’s fine. She doesn’t show any signs of fear or aggression towards these two people and is right as rain afterwards. It gives us all a fright and I just want to make sure we’re not worrying her or something. It’s happening more frequently as time goes on.

We walk her 1-2x a day. We were worried it was pain so we’ve run our hands over her and she doesn’t seem to have any sore spots. I don’t know if it’s demand barking because at the time she’s getting all of the attention.

Any ideas why this could be? Could it be that she’s overstimulated?

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