7Mnth Lab retriever – mentally scarred

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Hi guys, abit if back story about this.

My partner took the pup to the park for a pick nick with her family. They were throwing the a frisby for my dog and another dog. My dog chased the dog who had the frisby to a couple of religious men with kids. When he got near them the man proceed to kick my dog 3 times in the stomach area quite hard as it was against his religion to have a black dog around him and his children.

What happened after that is another story.

We had him checked out by a vet and he was ok, he still seems quite shook and timid and he’s no way his normal self.

Today my partner stood over the dog while he was laying on his side in between a doorway and she didn’t physically touch him but he got up fairly quick and growled.

We’ve been giving him extra love but I’m quite worried he’s broken mentally and doesn’t really trust us anymore.

Is there anything I can do?

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