7-year-old family dog not taking to new 1 year old pup.

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As the title suggests, I have a 7-year-old male who I have had since he was a puppy. He is a maltese cross jack Russell (we think) and generally is very good with other dogs when he is at the beach/dog park etc. Occasionally when on his lead he will show aggression through a fence to a dog or to another dog on a lead, however, he is generally very good when roaming free. He has never bitten a human in a malicious way and very rarely growls or barks in an aggressive way. He generally spends his days sitting on the couch, on the bed, under the bed etc. being a very placid, well behaved dog. He is an only dog for the past 2 years but prior to this he has had another male (small breed) and a female (large breed) with zero problems.

Three days ago, we picked up a 14-month-old little girl who is 7/8ths pug and 1/8th foxie-terrier. She is not exactly what we expected her to be, she is extremely high energy and wants to run around the house and yard all day until she can’t run anymore. The idea behind taking this gorgeous little girl from the elderly lady who could not look after her was that during the small times the male was alone, he would have a friend. He generally spends approx. 4-5 hours on a Saturday night and around 3 hours one or two days a week when I go to class, the rest of the time somebody is home that he knows and is used to.

I have attached a video showing what happens prior to a fight between the two. We have not left them to their own devices just yet, letting the male sleep where he always has (under our bed) while the new girl sleeps outside on a dog bed we bought for her. The plan was to rotate them until we can have them both outside together. In the three days we have had them, we have had probably 10 fights we have had to break up over very little things such as the female walking past where he was laying, or simply getting too close to his face (as shown in video). If we do not break it up, the fights tend to get nasty with a lot of squealing and biting etc. Not sure if it matters, but male is desexed and has had no children, female is not de-sexed and has had a litter that were all healthy (apparently).

What happens BEFORE a fight breaks out

I am just coming here for where to go from here. I have sat them both down with me and patted them both to try and use positive reinforcement to get them used to sharing our attention, we are trying to split our attention and love 50/50 between them. They are eating at separate spots at the same time and when we need to place one outside, we are rotating which dog it is.

How long before I will know if this will stop? We will have no problem giving her a good home to our circle of family or friends that would love to take her, however, we are hoping it doesn’t need to come to this.

Should I let them have a complete fight? We have broken up each one to prevent either from being injured. Would this maybe help them ‘settle’ if they got it out of their systems, or this a human only technique?

I have read online that up to three weeks is generally the go to, and we are willing to try for as long as it takes, we just want to know how to tell if we are progressing.

14 month female.

7 year old Male.

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