7-week old Golden Retriever puppy gets "shark eyes" and completely ignores any guidance for a brief period

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So, let me preface this by saying that I totally and completely understand that he's practically a newborn and really can't learn a ton just yet. He's still in overload as far as learning a schedule and being at my home with me.

That being said, he's a smart little booger for the most part! He figured out within 2 nights that we crate up for the night and for my brief work periods. He'll whine about three seconds then settle down, won't use the bathroom in it, he's good! And even with the very small bladder control he has, he knows that we go outside (of course every now and then theres a small accident but that's to be expected) and he'll immediately go!

The main problem I'm running in to right now is that he just gets these "shark eyes", and what I mean by that is once a day there's a maybe 20 minute period where he's zipping around, biting EVERYTHING with his sharp baby teeth (ESPECIALLY feet and hands), scratching and clawing, and he literally will not take any guidance. Clapping or making a loud noise won't distract him, redirecting him to one of his toys doesn't work because he goes straight back to whatever he wants, and he just wiggles and squirms until he can get to what has his attention. Afterwards, he'll crash and he's back to his old self.

I've tried wearing him out, playing all day and keeping him tired, but it doesn't seem to work. I don't know if he's already bored of his toys, if it's just being a puppy, or something else. Again, I know he's just a baby and he'll get the zoomies. But I'd like to have a very clear line of what's okay and what isn't as far as him biting and scratching at people, even if he has a burst of energy.

How can I combat this now? Or is it basically consistency and a waiting game? I lightly popped his butt and told him no sternly one time when he drew blood on me, and I felt bad, I know I shouldn't have done that, but even that didn't really stop him. He immediately did it again.

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