7 self-love preaching Instagrammers to get you through next year

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Your Instagram feed is likely nowhere near the upper part of the roll of things accentuating you out in 2016, but why add to it?

The end of its first year is the perfect time to cut happens out of your life that stir you feel low-toned. And Instagram envy is no good.

Fitspo modelings with impractical admonition? Cut ’em. Spruikers of “clean eating” with all the cash in the world to render an organic life? Unfollow. Your high school frenemy who you still creep on? Nope.

But no need to become anti-fitness or switch off your social media altogether( unless that sounds good, in which lawsuit, go for it ).

Instead, debate who gets your precious “follow” and fill up your feed with positive women who realise you feel good about yourself artistic people who genuinely inspire you.

Here are seven Australian legends to start you off.

1. @jesscochranepaints_

Jessica Cochrane is an artist from Canberra who plays with the representatives of femininity. She paints over likeness that at first seem to represent tropes of conventional attractivenes, shifting them into something unexpected.

Come for the prowes, stay for the puppies.

2. @definatalie

Queensland’s Natalie Perkins is an artistic extraordinaire with an Etsy shop announced Fancy Lady Industries, that’s well worth a inspect. Her Instagram account is full of arty activities, with a accepting community that mandates “no diet talk” and “no fat shaming.”

Look at my bright galah brooch made by @winnifreds_daughter! I enjoy galahs very much .

A photo posted by illuminatalie (@ definatalie) on Sep 21, 2016 at 1:47 am PDT

3. @saramaijewels

Sarah Jane Adams is a Sydney jewellery designer and Instagram superstar. With beautiful styles, plus frequent errands to India and other venues, Adams’ account lights with enjoyable and dare. If you needed some motivation for living well, here it is.

4. @stefania_model

Stefania Ferrario is an Australian simulation with an important message. She popularised the #DropThePlus hashtag, proposing for the “plus” to be removed when describing modelings more curvies than the fashion industry’s unrealistic standards.

“It connotes bigger than ordinary; it’s already imparting off the idea that this whole group of women who fall under this label are not the norm, ” she told Broadly .

5. @flex. mami

Not exclusively does Sydney DJ FlexMami( otherwise known as Lillian Ahenkan) play enormous music, she also has best available modes and spreads a meaning of self cherish. If you like one or all of those events, satisfy follow her on Instagram as soon as possible.

Plus, she opens perfect elevator selfie.

6. @femmeplastic

Laura Vud is a Queer identified, Melbourne-based photographer and plus size modeling. She’s well worth a follow if you like your feed full of technicolour makeup and stylish, joyful images of Vud and her friends. As her site says, she’s about “celebrating all bodies as good bodies.”

7. @amrita_moves

Amrita Hepi is a Sydney-based dancer, choreographer and activist. Of Indigenous Australian Bundjalung and Ngpuhi( Maori) patrimony, she has funnelled her A+ creativity into social good.

Her Hollaback dance first-class are a neighbourhood for no judgement, where even the freshest apprentices can read some of Rihanna’s best moves, free of chagrin. Make her Instagram pics get you to the dance floor.

8. @beibadgirl

Bei Badgirl is a Melbourne artist and self-proclaimed expert in “Cute( Kawaii ). ” Not exclusively does she dish some impressive manga-inspired ways, she has great art and merch delight see this Kim Kardashian rod if you disbelieve it.

9. @elliagreen

Ellia Tiriseyani Green is a bona fide Olympic gold medallist. She and Australia’s womens rugby 7s team( the very first of its category) predominated at the 2016 Activity in Rio de Janeiro.

If you crave some legit fitness inspiration, from someone who knows, here’s where to find it.

10. @ellecurve

If you need a speedy dish of pattern brainchild, Elyse “Elle” Lithgow is there for you. Her Insta is full to the brim with enormous styles for all reasons. Require to wear stripes on stripes? Tell Lithgow present you how. Fashion rules into the bin!

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