7 month puppy’s random anxiety

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I have a 7 month old Brittany Spaniel that has recently started to have short anxiety "fits". Out of no where he will start barking, shaking and darting around the room. They last about 2-5 minutes and are fairly infrequently (~1 a week). When he has these fits he generally seems scared of something that's not there. He's not generally frightened by anything: bigger dogs, loud noises, people, the vacuum, etc. A few weeks ago he ran into a glass door really hard. I read a lot about it and most people say it's unlikely he would've done any lasting damage. He doesn't seem to have any other strange behaviour or health problems but I'm still worried. Any one else have any tips on how to deal with it or ideas why he could be acting so strangely sometimes? Is it possible he's just hyper aware of sounds outside?

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