7-month old Husky likes chewing everything

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My GF has a 7-month old Husky, who likes to chew on everything whenever she gets bored.

My GF take her for long walks and hikes all the time, gives her toys and treats when she's good, etc, etc she's a good dog owner. Takes her out to the bathroom when needed and all that. My point is, the dog gets plenty of attention and lives an adventurous and exciting life, but doesn't relax for very long and causes trouble sometimes. Earlier today she almost ripped up my living room curtains.

it's a pain in the ass when at night we're trying to unwind and just relax and watch a movie, and we have some dog acting like a crackhead trying to chew the legs on my table and trying to eat the trash.

She has plenty of toys she can chew on, so all we really know how to do is clap our hands and be like "HEY STOP THAT" and then give her one of her toys instead when we catch her chewing on something

I know puppies are known for causing chaos and tearing things apart, how can we use positive reinforcement and whatever to stop this dog from basically acting like a rambunctious puppy. Do you think she'll naturally grow out of it?

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