7 Month Old Crate Whining

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Archie, our 7 month old mini Goldendoodle (32 lbs.) has been starting to whine in his crate and resist going in right away. Before the last month or so he used to go right in and generally pass out in a few minutes. He will still enter, but only after a lot of convincing and laying treats in the crate in addition to the stuffed Kong (treat/kibble/peanut butter). Once he is in he will then whine for 10 – 15 minutes and then go to sleep. Sometimes a bit longer, but 10 – 15 is the norm. We never let him out as a result of the whining.

During our training sessions he will run right in on command, but he seems to know the difference between training crate time and nap crate time. Is this an adolescent thing or am I not putting enough time into making the crate a fun space?

My wife and I both work Mon-Thur so his schedule is below for context:

6:50am – Wake up

7:15am – Quick 15 minute walk

7:45am – Crate with stuffed Kong

12:00pm – 30 minute walk and 20 minutes out in the house

1:00pm – Crate with stuffed Kong

~5:00pm – 30 minute walk and out for the night

~10:00pm – Bedtime in crate

Puppy tax: https://imgur.com/8ixES5Z

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