7 month old cockapoo bites to let us know his needs

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Hey all. I need some help. I have a 7 mo old male cockapoo, recently neutered (2 weeks ago). He is a major biter and chewer. He’s developed this bad habit of biting us to tell us when he needs to pee/poop, when he’s sleepy (we have set up the bathroom for him to sleep and actually tuck him in at 9:30 PM), when he needs a nap (he doesn’t like falling asleep anywhere else but in the bathroom and when it’s dark), and when he’s hungry/thirsty (we free feed and leave water available all the time) – basically anytime he wants something.

He has plenty of chew toys that keep him busy, but the moment he has another need, he starts biting us. Once we satisfy that need, he’s ok.

I’ve tried telling him no biting or replacing my hand or arm with his toy but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried standing up and ignoring him for a minute before giving him attention. And definitely have been trying taking him out frequently enough (he does have a good hold of his bladder and bowels).

Anyway, I’m not quite sure how to go about changing this habit of his. Could really use some advice! Thanks!

TL;DR: 7 mo old male (neutered) cockapoo bites hard in order to let us know he needs something (I.e. going potty or needing sleep). Nothing works. Need tips!

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