6month old dog constantly needing to pee

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I just need some reassurance here, we adopted a 6 month old pointer mix last Sunday, he's been very good except for peeing. He will constantly need to go out, pee a little, then drink some water, and need to go out again in another 30 minutes.

Now this is very good and all, he barely has an accident in the house but the frequency and amount he pees is ridiculous. He can hold it during the day in his crate, except today where we were away at my in-laws and I suspect his schedule got screwed up. Plus our other dog has severe separation anxiety and barks like crazy when we pull in to the driveway and that got him riled up as well and he peed his crate.

I know it's been only a week and a half but it's frustrating because it has been such a disruption in our regular schedule where our 12 pound dog goes out maybe 5 times a day and this guy has to be out twice an hour for a tiny squirt and I know he's got more in him.

We take him out on a leash, praise him, give him treats, the whole thing. This is the youngest dog I have ever had in years and I hate comparing him to our other dog who was feral and potty trained in a couple days at about 1 year old.

I think I just want someone to tell me I'm doing the right thing and he'll figure it out eventually and I shouldn't worry.

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