6mo puppy destroyed carpet for the first time today, help!

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So we just moved from a place that had hardwood floor to carpet about two weeks ago. Because we havent unpacked and have a bunch of stuff everywhere we've been keeping our 6mo pup (corgi/Australian shepard mix) in her crate during the day and letting her out when we're home. Before the move she was out all day in the living room with 0 issues what so ever, even now when we're gone for two to three hours we leave her out, it's just during work and bedtime shes in her crate.

I hate her being in her crate for so long as its get up, walk, eat, play (maybe), then crate for 7 to 8 hours, freedom for 6 hours, then crate for 8 hours again it just feels like so much. So today I had the bright idea 'put her in our room with her toys and some water, it'll be great!' and it was. I left her in there at 8am and came back at 2pm to check on her, she was fine! I walked with her and played with her for a bit, refilled her water, put her back in the room, then went to work. Came back at 4:30, realized I couldn't open the bedroom door, and its because shes completely pulled up the carpet. Shes never done anything like this so I'm mortified! Our last place was majority hard wood, but we did have carpet in out bedroom and closet and kept her in here for short periods if we needed to, so not like she isnt use to the carpet. There are no scratch marks on the door and shes never shown any kind of separation anxiety before, so I dont know what made her go 'oh this will be great to do,.

My husband wants to keep her in the cage when we arent home now to keep this from happening again, but I want her to get use to the carpet so we can leave her out. Is it a lost cause? Or how would I go about this?

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