6mo GSD one-way fetch. No longer brings it back

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Hey guys.

So, I posted some time ago regarding one-way fetch. I bought a 100' rope and made a very long leash so my pup won't get himself in trouble or hurt and so I could guide him back to me. I coupled this with random treats, mixed in with occasio am high reward turkey dogs.

He did amazing. He came straight back with his ball and frisbee from a hundred feet away. He did that for a week and just stopped showing any interest in bringing back the ball or frisbee. Even if he knows we have treats. In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of calling him and existent WITH TURKEY DOGS to get him walking back begrudgingly, if at all. In our yard, he now shows interest of just the grass and smelling around and laying down.

We are at a loss.

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