6 Reasons Chelsea Houska Is Our Favorite ‘Teen Mom’

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Reality TV is its own animal, and its hotshots surely get their fair share of reaction and review. But if there’s one show that I’ll proudly claim is my “guilty pleasure” ’til the end( not to mention the one idol who I will continue to praise for her highlyentertaining Instagram account) it’s Chelsea Houska from “Teen Mom.”

While I am by no means an advocate of teen pregnancy, this mamaslays.Even if you haven’t considered an episode of “Teen Mom” since it first aired in 2009( yup, it’s been thatlong ), Chelsea’s 3.2 million-strong Instagram following suggests it all.

While overcoming thechallenges of single motherhood, Chelsea has created a meaningful life for herself and her daughter.For that, she deservesto be recognized. She still has these six things going for her 😛 TAGEND

1. Her Messy Bun

I’m not sure how she does it( well, I guess she went to cosmetology school ), but she has mastered the seemingly effortless up do. She never looksdisheveled.

In fact, she ever looksput-together, even on those glasses-and-a-sweatshirt eras, when she may not even be trying.

2. Her Wedding Bod

She’s not afraid to show off the envy-inducing develop she’s become in the recent months, both with regard to her physical appearing and her degree of strength.After all, she’s working hard for it.

In a recent videoshe posted to her Instagram account, she can be seen deadlifting 155 pounds like it’s nothing. Nbd.

3. Her Pet Pig

I don’t “know what i m doing” there is to say other than “Can I have one? ” Chelsea suggests having a pet boar hasalways been a lifelong dream of hers.

His name is Pete. He lays on the lounge, and he shakes sides on bid.( Watch it here .)

Pete is essentially a hound. That reminds me: She hastwo cute hounds, Barb and Phil.Those are the best epithets ever.

4. Her Dad’sTwitter Account

If you’re familiar with the earlier years of the reveal at all, you know that papa Randy catered the ultimate shoulder to bawl on when Chelsea was facingtough times. He even remembers about those 2:30 am, teary-eyed breakup telephone call in a recent episode.

But best available stuff about him is his Twitter account, @PapaRandlicious, where he live-tweets “Teen Mom” episodes. He too utilizes amusing hashtags. Here’s a prime example 😛 TAGEND

@PapaRandlicious: I am not even reasonably accurate in applying sunscreen #redroadmaponmybody

5. Real Life Meet-Cute

Story has it that she and her stud-muffin of a fianc, Cole, met at a gas station. Presumably, the two locked gazes before going their detached ways.

Luckily, Chelseawaseasy to find on social media, and Cole was able to contact her a few days later. Talk about feeling enjoy in a hopeless place.

Should we all start hanging out at gas station? It might be worth it if it aims up like this.

6. Aubree

This little diva has chic way glasses, submits, invests and shoes that they are able to construct you wish you could fit yourself into a size 5T. Don’t tell me you don’t wish Chelsea was your personal stylist.

Either way, Aubree’s micro-fashion sense paired with her sugared silliness will construct you smile. The channel sheconnects withCole is earnestly heartwarming.

Once again, I request that youtake this pro-Chelsea pole for what it is: a statement of admirationwhere affection is due. If you don’t agree with me, going to be home look at herInstagram account.

If nothing else, you’ll experience her pictures of Pete, the boar. That’s guaranteed.

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