6 month puppy barking in crate for hours

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My puppy was doing great in his crate for months. He would have his off nights where he would and up 3am to go out but looking back that was cake.

Wednesday he slept like an angel in his crate. I didn’t hear a peep from him.

Thursday he went to bed at his normal time is 9pm. At 9:50pm he woke up to go out (surprising but nothing crazy) but he had pooped in his crate (wtf). It had rained in NY ALL day so he was restless and I guess had an upset stomach. He would go back in the crate and lay down but wake up barking 20 minute later. Normally I’d him but ignoring poop is probably never a good idea. Finally at 1am I moved him to his pen because I have to be up at 5:30am for work. He barked when in the pen and after one more trip outside he has stopped.

Friday daytime his stomach seemed ok. I didn’t give him too much food and gave him a teeny bit of banana. In the morning his poop was firm but got softer as the day went on. I think our recent move from NJ back to my apartment in NY messed him up AGAIN.

Friday night (tonight) he went to bed At 9 and within 10 minutes he was barking in the crate. I took him out Because I was afraid he pooped in the crate again. He had not but he did nothing outside. So back in the crate he went. It’s now 11:22pm and he has not stopped barking. I guarantee my neighbors HATE me. I would hate me. I’m afraid to check the crate to see if he pooped in there because I feel like it will just reinforce his barking.

Night like tonight I really wonder why I got myself into this. I’m so tired after about 3 hours of sleep last night.

And yes – we went on lots of walks today and Aw played SO much fetch.

I am at a loss and so fed up and tired.

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